A/B Box


Your Sonic Signal Selector

 The A/B BOX   is your ultimate signal switch, offering the power to seamlessly choose between input A or B and direct the selected signal to the output OUT.
Imagine the possibilities: connect two guitars and effortlessly select the one you want to play, routing the signal to your pedalboard or amplifier without the irritating noise typically generated when jacks are disconnected and reattached.
Here’s what sets it apart:
The entire circuit of the A/B BOX is meticulously hand-soldered, employing only the finest components to ensure exceptional performance.
With True Bypass routing for all connections, you can enjoy noise-free operation and a pristine signal flow, even when the pedal is switched off within your effects chain.
To activate the LEDs, a 9 VDC power supply is required.
Experience the precision and convenience of the A/B BOX, a pedal that empowers you to take control of your signal path, eliminate noise, and elevate your musical journey.