Unleash Distortion with Character and Precision

THE BLOW isn’t your ordinary distortion pedal; it’s a sonic force brimming with character and presence. Let’s delve into its remarkable features:
With highly sensitive Bass, Middle, and Treble controls that cover a broad spectrum, you’ll effortlessly sculpt your signature sound. Discover your sonic identity with ease, thanks to the expansive working range of these controls.
The LEVEL knob plays a crucial role in maintaining consistent signal levels when switching between on/off modes or providing an extra volume boost for those commanding solo performances.
Fine-tune your distortion with the GAIN adjustment, offering a versatile range from a subtly saturated bluesy tone to a searing, powerful distortion fit for rock and hard rock genres.
The MOD switch adds an extra layer of versatility, allowing you to choose between two distinct distortion types to suit your musical vision.
Every component in THE BLOW is meticulously hand-soldered, utilizing top-tier components to ensure superior performance.
The switch section boasts True Bypass functionality, ensuring complete silence and seamless signal flow, even when the pedal is disengaged within your effects chain.
To keep it operating at its best, a 9 VDC power supply is all that’s needed.
Experience the sonic force and precision of THE BLOW, a distortion pedal designed to amplify your musical expression and empower your journey from bluesy melodies to roaring rock anthems.