Our Signal Patch + MIDI intelligently connects your effects pedalboard to the amplifier with precision and versatility. Designed for those seeking maximum control and creativity, this device is equipped with MIDI connectivity, providing total command over your sound and performances.

Key Features:

Seamless Connection: Our MIDI Signal Patch ensures a seamless connection between your effects pedalboard and the amplifier. No matter how complex your setup, both audio and MIDI signals flow smoothly, allowing you to fully focus on your performance.

Intuitive Remote Control: Thanks to MIDI connectivity, you can effortlessly control every parameter of your effects pedalboard and amplifier. Modify effects, adjust volume levels, change amplifier channels—all with a touch of buttons on our Signal Patch.

Zero Latency: Our signal patch guarantees zero latency. Every musical gesture you make is captured instantly, ensuring real-time response to your commands without any loss of sound quality.

Universal Compatibility: Our Signal Patch + MIDI is designed to be compatible with a wide range of effects pedals and amplifiers available in the market. Whether you’re using vintage equipment or the latest models, our device seamlessly integrates into your setup.

Robust Construction: Crafted with high-quality materials, our MIDI Signal Patch is sturdy and durable. You can rely on it even in the most demanding situations, whether you’re performing on tour or simply in your rehearsal space.