Your Gateway to HI-GAIN Distortion Excellence
INCUBUS isn’t just a distortion unit; it’s a powerhouse of HI-GAIN distortion with an integrated Boost, designed to elevate your performances with seamless volume control during your electrifying solos.
Let’s delve into its exceptional features:
The Bass, Middle, and Treble controls offer unparalleled sensitivity and an expansive range, allowing you to effortlessly shape your sound across genres like Pop, Rock, Hard Rock, and even Metal. The MIDDLE control knob, in particular, takes center stage in crafting your tonal palette.
Maintaining a consistent signal level is paramount, and the LEVEL knob ensures just that when toggling between on/off modes.
Fine-tune your distortion levels with the GAIN adjustment, providing the perfect balance of grit and power.
With the Boost setting, you can precisely adjust the volume output when the Boost circuit is active, empowering your solos to take center stage.
Every component in INCUBUS is meticulously hand-soldered, incorporating top-tier components to deliver uncompromising performance.
The switch section features True Bypass functionality, guaranteeing absolute silence and a seamless signal flow, even when the pedal is disengaged within your effects chain.
To keep it performing at its peak, a 9 Vdc power supply is all that’s required.
Experience the HI-GAIN distortion excellence of INCUBUS, a pedal designed to fuel your sonic journey from rock anthems to blistering metal mayhem while ensuring your solos shine brilliantly.