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The MCSOUND Lab is located in Italy, in a small town in Marche.
Made up of all musicians, we fully understand the importance of great sound, whether you practice it at home or on a live stage.
All of our products are designed to be of the highest standard. We use high quality selected materials to provide the musician with all the tools they need to find “his own sound”.

At MCSOUND Lab, we put all our passion and professionalism at the customer’s service, to satisfy tastes and needs: we manufacture products strictly designed and assembled by hand in Italy we customize, both aesthetically and functionally, what the market already offers, we offer an assistance and repair service on many brands.

Marco Castellucci, the founder:

Since I was a child, my only great passions have been the guitar and electronics.
I have always tried to unite them, using them at the service of the other.
I have experimented and studied a lot to find my own sound and I am convinced that every musician is constantly looking for it


Edit e modify send & return
Double master volume edit
Edit midi controller
Edit spring or solid state reverb section
Edit equalization section
Change preamp gain
Replacement of pre and final valves Adjusting the bias
Switch for reducing the power of the fina
Custom switching systems
Aesthetic changes.

For more information go to the SERVICES section or CONTACT Us.