Signature Pedal by Claudio Golinelli, Vasco Rossi’s Renowned Bassist
The GALLO, a creation born from the collaboration with Claudio Golinelli, the celebrated bassist of Vasco Rossi and a highly accomplished musician with an impressive list of collaborations in the music industry.
This pedal is a dual powerhouse, housing both an Overdrive and a pristine Boost, offering unparalleled versatility. With the GALLO, you have precise control over Volume, Tone, and Gain for the Overdrive, while the Boost delivers an astonishing +22dB increase in input signal. What sets it apart is the ability to use these effects in tandem or individually, allowing you to sculpt your sound precisely as you desire.
Adding to its versatility is the Cut switch, a frequency-shifting filter that operates within the drive section. Two easily visible LEDs indicate which part of the circuit is engaged, giving you clear visual feedback on your settings.
The GALLO’s circuitry is a testament to craftsmanship, entirely hand-soldered and composed of premium-quality components. Its switch section offers True Bypass functionality, ensuring absolute silence and the seamless passage of a high-level signal even when the pedal is off within your effects chain.
To keep it running at its best, the GALLO MCSOUNDlab requires a 9 Vdc power supply. 
Elevate your bass performance with this signature pedal, a creation that reflects the artistry of Claudio Golinelli and the precision of Italian craftsmanship.