Your Italian Crafted Klon Centaur Overdrive Pedal
Experience the Italian reimagining of the iconic Klon Centaur overdrive pedal, meticulously crafted by hand in Italy. This remarkable overdrive pedal pays homage to the legendary original developed by Bill Finnegan between 1990 and 1994.
At the heart of the POMPEI lies a unique circuit design, skillfully blending the guitar’s dry sound with the clipped tones generated by two germanium diodes. This distinctive configuration results in a remarkably transparent overdrive, rich in harmonics, and featuring an exceptionally quiet buffer that preserves the guitar’s original tone.
Once revered as a collector’s gem due to its discontinued production, the Klon Centaur’s value soared to new heights. In collaboration with guitarist CRISTIAN CICCI BAGNOLI, MCSOUND Lab proudly reintroduces this pedal with painstaking attention to detail, utilizing carefully selected components and assembling each unit entirely by hand in Italy.
Our commitment to excellence is evident in the meticulous soldering of components onto a professional-grade board, meticulous wiring, and rigorous final testing. Rest assured, every pedal undergoes a thorough inspection to deliver a boutique product of exceptional quality, proudly made in Italy.
To ensure proper operation, the MCSOUND Lab POMPEI requires a 9 Vdc power supply, allowing you to unlock its full sonic potential. 
Elevate your musical expression with this Italian-crafted masterpiece that pays homage to a true legend in the world of overdrive pedals.