Clean Boost


Elevating Your Sound with Precision
The CLEAN BOOST pedal is designed to take your sound to new heights, delivering an impressive signal boost of up to +20dB. What sets it apart is its ability to enhance your tone while maintaining pristine clarity, adding harmonics and depth without ever altering the instrument’s natural timbre.
This versatile pedal finds its place both after drive sections, allowing for clean and distortion-free solo performances, and at the beginning of your effects chain to infuse your sound with enhanced dynamics.
Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the CLEAN BOOST’s circuitry is entirely hand-soldered, showcasing top-tier components that ensure uncompromised quality. Its switch section features True Bypass functionality, guaranteeing absolute silence and seamless signal passage, even when the pedal is switched off within your effects chain.
Rest assured, the CLEAN BOOST is designed for whisper-quiet operation and maintains a high-level signal presence, even when disengaged within your setup. To keep it performing at its best, it requires a 9 VDC power supply.
Elevate your musical journey with the CLEAN BOOST, a pedal that embodies precision and clarity, and offers an exceptional boost to your sonic exploration.