Your Versatile 2-in-1 Sonic Powerhouse

The BULLET44 isn’t just a pedal; it’s a dynamic 2-in-1 sonic marvel. This compact wonder houses both a remarkably versatile Overdrive and a crystal-clear Signal Booster, each effortlessly activated through dedicated switches.
Let’s dive into the details:
The Overdrive section boasts a CUT knob, offering a selection of 8 distinct frequency cuts. This unique feature opens up a world of sonic possibilities, ensuring that The BULLET44 stands out as a truly versatile pedal.
On the other side of the circuit, you’ll discover a pristine booster, gracefully elevating your signal from 0dB to a robust +20dB with precision, courtesy of the BOOST knob. Remarkably, this boost comes without any distortion, preserving the integrity of your original sound.
Every component in The BULLET44 is meticulously hand-soldered, utilizing the highest quality materials to ensure exceptional performance.
The switch section boasts True Bypass functionality, guaranteeing absolute silence and maintaining a seamless signal flow, even when the pedal is disengaged within your effects chain.
To keep it running smoothly, a 9 Vdc power supply is all that’s required.
Experience the versatility and sonic power of The BULLET44, a pedal designed to expand your tonal horizons and elevate your musical journey to new heights.